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Scholastic Book Order

Scholastic Book Order

Click on the link above and enter the class activation code when prompted: N8FNK

Book order catalogs will be sent home monthly.  You may also look online for books, follow the steps outlined, and submit an order.


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Fifth Grade Resources

After clicking on the link below, you will find a variety of fourth grade resources covering multiple subject areas.  These sites are brought to you by San Rafael City Schools.  Explore.  Have fun!


Encore - Rotation One


Monday - P.E. 2:15


Tuesday - P.E. 2:15

Tuesday - Library 2:45


Wednesday - N/A


Thursday - Computer Lab 11:30

Thursday - Science Lab 2:15


Friday - Music 2:15



Projects include....


*Explorer Research Project

*Colonial Trade Project

*Glenwood University

*Genre Studies Project

Language Arts Corner

Journeys, Houghton Mifflin Reading Series



Tuck Everlasting

My Side of the Mountain

Bridge to Terabithia


Sign of the Beaver

Pedro's Journal

Blood on the River

Johnny Tremain or My Brother Sam is Dead

Common Sense

Shh, We're Writing the Constitution

My Name is America: Journal of Augustus Pelletier, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804


Writing Genres

Narrative, Opinion,



Looking for some good books?  

Click on the link below to see books from some popular authors.


Favorite Books 1

Favorite Books 2





Science Corner




Science Themes

Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System

Earth's Systems

Structure and Properties of Matter

Engineering Design

Hands-on learning experiences using the scientific method will be incorporated into our study of science.  Non-fiction literature will also be incorporated into the program, where appropriate.


Social Studies Corner


Scott Foresman Social Studies Textbook

Theme:  United States History

Supplemented by historical fiction literature and Studies Weekly.

Andrew Leshnick

Welcome to Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade! The fifth grade curriculum is exciting and full of information about United States history.  In addition to reading and learning from our social studies textbook, we will be reading several historical fiction novels that cover part of the history of our country.  These novels include the following: Sign of the BeaverPedro's JournalBlood on the River, Johnny Tremain, Common Sense, Shh, We're Writing the ConstitutionMy Name is America: Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis and Clark Expedition,1804.  I know you will find these novels interesting!  In addition to these historical fiction novels, we will be reading several novels during book club covering a variety of genres.  Possibilities include the following: HatchetTuck Everlasting, and Bridge to Terabithia. We will also be reading stories from our Houghton Mifflin Reading series, Journeys.  These stories include both fiction and non-fiction pieces.  As we read, we will learn and reinforce reading strategies that should help you grow as a reader.  Writing this year will cover the following genres:  Opinion, Informative, and Narrative.  It will include topics from social studies and science.  Think multiple paragraphs, topic sentences, details, transitional words, and text based evidence.  In addition, there will be several book projects and research reports that I think you will enjoy. These include an Explorer research project, Colonial trade project, desk top teaching and genre projects.  

The fifth grade math curriculum ranges from basic operations to more complex multiplication and division involving decimals, geometry, place value, and fraction operations, just to name a few.  Problem solving strategies will be emphasized. We will be utilizing the Everyday Math curriculum, supplemented by other resources.  I think you will really enjoy math this year!  

Next Generation Science will cover the following topics: Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems, Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System, Earth's Systems, Structure and Properties of Matter, and Engineering Design. We will be conducting quite a few experiments, both in our classroom and the lab.  Also, select 4th grade concepts will be reviewed during the year.

In addition to Outdoor Education at Walker Creek Ranch, we are planning several field trips to enhance what we are learning in class.  Outdoor Education is scheduled for November 14th through November 17th.  Our poetry interpretation through art field trip at the de Young Museum is scheduled for the following date: TBD.  An end of the year field trip to McNear's Beach caps off the T.B.D.  Additional information, to include permission slips, will follow.  There will also be guest speakers visiting Glenwood to enhance our studies.  Guest speakers include Darcy Tucker (Women during the Revolutionary War era) and Ben Franklin.  Other field trip possibilities: Schulz Museum, Creative Process class, etc. 

I am looking forward to a phenomenal year!  I hope you are too!



About Mr. Leshnick

Mr. Leshnick’s Biography


This is my 19th year teaching.  Before coming back to San Rafael City Schools five years ago, I taught in northern Virginia for 7 years. My experience includes teaching grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Most recently, I taught 5th Grade at Glenwood Elementary School.  Prior to teaching in Virginia, I taught grades 3 and 4 for San Rafael City Schools.  I hold a B.S. degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany.  I received a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Concord, California. I continue to take professional development and college coursework to further enhance teaching skills.  I am looking forward to another amazing year working with the students, parents, and staff at Glenwood Elementary School.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  My e-mail address is


Additional Information About Mr. Leshnick


*Approximately 27,000,000 minutes old and counting

*Favorite Animal:  Cat...Zoey

*Likes to travel

*His wife's name is Laura.

*Favorite vacation spot = Hawaii

*Born in New York City – Can you guess which borough?

*Has a brother – Can you guess his name?  It starts with a D.

*Mom is a retired New York City teacher

*Favorite sport to watch is baseball

*His First name is Andrew, but a lot of people call him Andy.

*Favorite subject(s) – I’ll leave that one up to you to decide!

*Favorite ice cream flavor – Mostly anything!

*Favorite type of food - Italian

*Favorite movie genres – Drama, followed by comedy

*Favorite children's books - The B.F.G.The City of Ember, and Hatchet

Outdoor Education - Walker Creek Ranch



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Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

*READ for at least 30 minutes each night!  Choose a variety of literature appropriate to your SRI level!

*Complete your MATH homework - Home Links, Math Journal, Other

*Complete all other homework as assigned!

*Update your agenda with important information!

*Study for tests and quizzes!

Math Corner












Everyday Mathematics Online

Click on the link below to access the online textbook and resources.  You will need your username and password supplied by your teacher.


Some of our favorite math websites are listed below.  These sites will give you practice with skills we are learning in class and provide review and enrichment activities.  If you know of additional math websites that are helpful to you, please let us know so we might include them on this site for others to try.


5th Grade Educational Websites

This website covers lots of topics.  If you want to practice basic facts, try METEOR MULTIPLICATION.  Scroll down to MATH.  Look for MULTIPLICATION.  Click on METEOR.  DEMOLITION DIVISION is also a fun game that lets you practice basic division facts.  Look for DIVISION.  Click on DEMOLITION DIVISION.  Have fun!


Math Fact Practice and other math games

Facts, facts, and more facts.  Test your knowledge of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Time yourself and watch yourself get faster with practice.  Scroll down to Math Facts Practice Online on the site to begin.


Math Dictionary

Click on the link below to go to A Maths Dictionary for Kids.  Once at the site, you can get a definition of math words we are learning, with examples.


The Best Math Games!

This is a fantastic site that has tons of math games designed for FUN!  I use these games often in class for enrichment and challenge opportunities.  The games on this site are so much fun that you often forget you are doing math!


Math Millionaire

Though you are not going to get real money, answering 15 questions correctly earns you the title of “Math Millionaire”.  Good luck!


Fun Brain – Variety of Math Games

Various math review games that will keep your skills sharp!  Games from other academic areas can be found here, too!


Math Playground


A variety of interactive games to help keep your math skills sharp can be found at this site.  There are also videos that explain many skills we will be learning this year.


IXL (Math and Language Arts)

IXL in an amazing site that has math practice problems that go with the topics we are studying this year, and more.  You can practice skills on level, below level for review, or above level.   You can practice up to 20 problems a day without a membership.


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